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Scrap Car Yard Auckland

Scrap My Car In Auckland

Scrap Car Yard Auckland

If you live in and around the Auckland area and want to get rid of an old car, have you ever thought about coming to the leading late model breakers in the area, The Auckland car wreckers? We’ve been the best in Auckland for more than 15 years and we always make sure that our customers are well looked after. From the moment you call Scrap Car Yard Auckland, to the moment we drive away with your car, you’ll feel like you’ve received the very best service.

As a part of our service, when you choose us to Scrap Car Yard Auckland, we’ll always try to get it collected the very same day, or at a time and location of your choosing. What’s more, our friendly drivers will talk you through the NZTA form, and show you just what you have to do in order for the legal change of ownership of your car.

Cash For Your Scrap Car Auckland

Unlike many of our competitors, the very last thing we want to do with your car is scrap it. Although we’re well know as a scrap yard, our very first objective is to ensure that as little waste as possible is produced when we bring your vehicle back to the yard.

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We are an auto recyclers, which means that if we can fix up a car or break a car for parts, for reuse, we would much prefer this, than to send anything to landfill. However, if your car is just a scrapper, we’ll ensure that it is depolluted to the highest of standards, so that as little waste as possible is produced.

Call Today To Scrap Your Unwanted Vehicle

All you have to do to scrap a car is get in touch with the team on 0800 90 90 70. We’ll come and pay you cash and we’ll even sort out the admin and collection free of charge.

Alternatively, you can fill in the online form and once we have received your request our Scrap Car Yard Auckland will call you with vehicle valuation. It’s quick and simple.

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Scrap Yard Auckland Car Scrap Buyer

Scrap Vehicles for Cash Auckland 

Auckland Scrap Dealers Pay Cash On Pick Up

If you want to sell a damaged car, or if you are looking for places that buy cars, look no further! Scrap Yard Auckland Car Scrap Buyer is here to help you sell any car, broken, running or just plain unwanted!

Scrap Yard Auckland Car Scrap Buyer


Are you looking for Auckland Cash for Cars? See link below for special Auckland region ONLY site! How about New Zealand Cash for cars?

We buy any make and models, dead or alive cars, trucks, vans, Utes and 4WD. We will buy your vehicle whether it’s registered or not, running or not, wrecked or rusted away or even if it’s been in an accident. Have you lost the keys? We carefully recycle oils and all the good parts, then we scrap the useless bits.

You bet. No matter where you are in Auckland, we are only a phone call away and have a network of vehicle towers who work nationwide. If it is not possible for us to get to you (and if you can’t come to us in south Auckland) we can usually confirm a price on your description of your unwanted vehicle and photos which you can email us.

If you require any further information on any of our services that we can offer, kindly call our Auckland car removal specialists team on 0800 576 911 or use the inquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Scrap Yard Auckland Car Scrap Buyer


How to Know When you ought to Get Rid of your Vehicle?

Your current auto no longer continues to be an asset to you and rather becomes a liability when:

  • Expense to repair and preserve is higher than vehicle’s actual value.
  • It has little or no worth in terms of trade-in
  • It has numerous issues that you don’t want to give to someone else.
  • You do not want to go through the hassle of placing an advertisement in the newspaper or on the internet to find out if there is anyone who may still consider it specific its repair needs.
  • It has been sitting way too long in your garage and you require room for a new car.

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